Pinterest Used as PR Strategy

I found this article to be very interesting, as it looks at social media in a different light. This blog post highlights the importance of social media as a major PR tactic, but discusses how effective visualization is in marketing and PR. The emerging social media website, Pinterest, can be seen as a digital corkboard. This site allows one to find any image and pin it onto their board and create any desirable categories. This site is especially important in the business world, as it gives clients and consumers an ideal image of what a given company is like. This blog post talks about how important it is for PR professionals to utilize social media and further enhance it, by going visual. It gives PR a chance to show its audience what they are really about. I think this article is pretty cool because I never really thought about visualization as an important element, until now. I am an avid Pinterest user and use it all the time, but never considered how it could be tied to PR. I think it is a great way for PR professionals to take social media to the next level, in order to heighten client experience and exposure.